Practice Areas

Firearms Laws & Regulations

Dillon Law Group has committed itself to representing it clients in all aspects of firearms laws and regulations.

Firearm Regulation & Compliance

Gun Rights Restoration

Civil Rights Violations

FFL Regulation & Compliance

Criminal Defense/Firearms Possession Charges

Use of Force/Self-Defense

5150 Mental Health Hold/Gun Confiscations

Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs)

Land Use / Environmental

Dillon Law Group's land use and environmental practice area focuses on assisting clients with land use permitting and environmental compliance issues that must be resolved in order to obtain public agency approval for various large- and small-scale development projects throughout California.  The firm is also able to defend the development project's land use and environmental approvals from court challenges brought by project opponents.

Land Use

Environmental Law

Civil Litigation

Dillon Law Group is able to provide high quality, cost-effective civil litigation services.

Civil Litigation